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Mixing and mastering works

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Electronic sonorities with fitting drums and mellow harmonies are what best characterize my music taste, giving me the opportunity to express my skills in helping music producers and beat makers elevate their songs
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Sladka Ale Psycho
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My Time
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mixing & mastering services

The best Mixing and mastering services for your top charted tracks

Best mixing and mastering services
Mixing Services

When it comes to compose or produce a song, the creative process should be thought as a multi-stage path that includes:
- production/recording;
- mix;
- master;

steps that are interconnected, but need to be approached separately.

That's why many producers and musicians struggle to finish a single project and feel overwhelmed by the process, because they do not take this basic structure into consideration.

So get rid of:
- stress;
- frustration;
- tons of unfinished projects;

focus solely on producing, arranging, recording and I will do the rest!

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Mastering Services

A good production coupled with a good mix can lead to an outstanding song through the process of professional audio mastering.

Your track will be meticulously fine-tuned to meet the latest standards of loudness, ensuring flawless playback across all audio devices and platforms. If you truly desire your track to stand out and compete with top-tier productions, professional mastering is an absolute must.

Don't settle for anything less than the best!

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Editing and Pitch Correction

If you're a true perfectionist and you want the tracks you compose or record to be free of imperfections, then editing is the key to achieving flawlessly composed and recorded tracks.

No more clicks, pops, mouth noises, and if you want to go further with intonation, pitch correction is your ace in the hole, ensuring absolute precision.

Whether you want a natural or robotic effect, by following your instructions I will be able to provide you with a final product that exceeds your inner expectations.

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- service as described;
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In the past few years I worked with many clients all over the world


Average Delivery Time

Depending on the number of tracks and the project's complexity

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I've used this seller a number of times now and they cannot do enough for me. Any changes I asked for they did and very quickly. The end result is always quality and will use again. Our Christmas single (2021) that they mixed and mastered reached No1 in the Official UK Physical singles charts on 31st December 2021.

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I loved it! Next Level Work, never fails to amaze working magic on the songs and voices of this industry. Super great communication, Very happy and will keep coming back. Keep up the good work!

my strengths

Why choose my services

Best mixing and mastering services

Respect Your Vision

Every mix is tailored on the specific needs of your song, in accordance to your taste and the sound you would like to achieve

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Professional audio mastering

Fast Turnaround

During the years I developed a professional mix- mastering workflow that allows me to work very fast and efficiently

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Highly Customizable

Client's satisfaction is my main target, if you need to add custom features, I'll be glad to help you out

my musical journey

About me

Audio engineer, dj, eletronic percussionist, design lover

Hello everyone, Margherita here, the head engineer at Magghy's Mixing Lab.🙌

I started my career in the musical field as a DJ, but soon I realized that in order to improve my skills and advance in my music journey, I needed to learn how to produce my own tracks. After enrolling in a production course, boom! I fell in love with the processes of mixing and mastering.

At the beginning, I had very little technical knowledge and my ears were untrained, so I had to roll up the sleeves and start from the ground. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect! Day by day, my skills grew and I specialized in post-production.

Now, I can share my knowledge and help other musicians, singers, and producers communicate and express their voices with the world, boosting the quality of their creations.

If you're interested in taking your tracks to the next level, come join me at Magghy's Mixing Lab!🔥

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Let's kick off your next project!

Fill the form below and tell me more about your songs, your artistic vision and your style.

* Feel free to reach out, ask more info or a custom service, no commitment.
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faq overview

Common questions

What is mixing?

Mixing is the process of combining individual audio tracks, such as vocals, drums, and instruments, into a cohesive and balanced stereo or multi-channel audio output. During the mixing process, various tools and techniques are used to adjust the levels, panning, EQ, dynamics, and effects of each track to create a final mix that sounds good and translates well across different playback systems. A good mix can enhance the impact and emotion of a song, while a bad mix can make it sound muddy, harsh, or unbalanced.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the final step in the music production process, where the final stereo or multi-channel mixdown is processed and optimized for distribution on various media platforms, such as CD, vinyl, streaming services, or radio broadcast. A professional audio mastering service involves a series of technical and artistic adjustments, including equalization, compression, limiting, stereo enhancement, and final level adjustments to achieve a consistent, polished, and loud final product, maintaining the intended artistic vision and emotional impact of the original song.

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Although they are two distinct stages in the music production process and have different goals and techniques the best mixing and mastering services are the ones that share the same outcome: people satisfaction. Let's see in details:

- Goal: The goal of mixing is to balance and blend individual tracks into a cohesive and expressive final stereo or multi-channel mix that reflects the artistic vision of the producer or artist. The goal of mastering is to optimize and enhance the final mix for various distribution channels, ensuring that it sounds consistent, polished and competitive on the market.

- Techniques: Mixing involves adjusting the levels, panning, EQ, dynamics, and effects of each track to achieve a good balance, clarity and emotion. Mastering involves applying a range of technical and artistic adjustments to the final mix, such as: EQ, compression, limiting, stereo enhancement and level adjustments to optimize it for specific media platforms and playback systems.

- Tools: Mixing often uses a combination of digital and analog tools, such as DAWs, plugins, and analog outboard to manipulate individual tracks and create a final mix. Mastering often uses specialized mastering software, equalizers, compressors, limiters, and meters to process the final mix and prepare it for distribution.

- Expertise: Mixing requires a good understanding of music theory, production techniques and sound engineering principles, as well as a good ear for balance, tone and emotion. Mastering requires a deep knowledge of mastering techniques, loudness standards and distribution platforms, as well as a keen sense of aesthetics, dynamics and listening skills.

- Scope: The scope of mixing is a final mixdown that reflects the creative vision of the artist and the emotional impact of his music and serves as the foundation for the mastering stage. The focus of mastering is a final product that is optimized for specific distribution channels and playback systems and sounds consistent, polished, and competitive on the market.

Why is it important to mix master a song?

Mixing and mastering are important for improving the sonic quality of a song, enhancing the emotional impact, ensuring compatibility across playback systems, and reflecting the artist's vision. A good mix and master can make a track sound way more polished, impactful, professional and consistent across different media platforms and listening contexts.

How long does it take to mix master a song?

The time required for mixing and mastering a song depends on the size of the project, the number of tracks, and the complexity of the process. Generally, mixing can take from a few hours to several days, while mastering can take from a few hours to a day. I can assure you that you will receive your song ready in a couple of days.

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